What Customers Are Saying About Le Petit Four

I see the reviews on your web site. How do I add one. “One bite and you will speak French”

Adam Conviser

Realtor Needham

Your cookies get a two thumbs up! MA nice combination of flavors. It is Dan’s new favorite. Another winner! Many thanks. The fougasses was incroyable. It could be my downfall. No will power.


Your pastries were magnifique! My daughter was thrilled and really appreciated your note on the box! The brioche bread was a big hit – We will be repeat customers, I am sure! Thanks again!

Jessica M

Thank you for sharing your beautiful baking with Needham!
Your pastries are devine. How wonderful to have your gem of an enterprise in Needham! Thank you!

Jennifer B

The croissants were AMAZING. We spent a couple of weeks in France in late Sept. Your croissants were more flaky than what we had in France.

Carly J

Your croissants were fabulous! Our middle daughter after after taking a bite of the pain au chocolat said it was the top 5 things she had ever eaten!! To say they were a huge hit would be an understatement. Not a crumb was left behind!! Many thanks,


We LOVED the croissants. They truly were one of the best things I’ve ever had, especially the day they were fresh. I had a pain au chocolate for breakfast and classic croissant for lunch that day:) Doug isn’t a sweet person and had one of the classic croissants and said it was the best croissants he had in a long time. I wish the timing worked out so that I would be in the Needham area to order more frequently!

Christie L

I had some of that Brioche—regrettably, the croissants were promptly devoured ☹ It was AMAZING!!! If your friend is supernatural if she can create these masterpieces! Will you please share her contact information when convenient?

I haven’t had a croissant in years. So good!

Adviser Investments Employees

If you close your eyes while enjoying a croissant or Pain au chocolate from Le Petit Four, you would think you were on Le Cours Mirabeau en Provence. They are incroyable!”


I wanted to get back to you and tell you how delicious your pastries were. My wife, son and I completely enjoyed them and all of us agreed they were the best croissants we have ever had. Next time I come to pick up an order it would be great if I could get a few of your business cards so that I could pass them out to friends. I’m so glad that I found you!! kind regards,


The gift was a big hit! I tasted the fougasse at my friend’s house – delicious! – and she told me later the fougasse was a favorite with her other friends and family. She loved everything. Thanks again for the wonderful treats.

Vicki K

Well, the viennoiseries were a big hit! My classmates were very appreciative and took pictures of your menu. It was fun being able to share this with them. Delicious–and another beautiful presentation!

Jane K

This week, Dick V brought your croissants into our office and they were INCREDIBLE! Best I’ve had stateside and it’s honestly been a struggle to find an amazing croissant near me. So to begin with, compliments to the chef! I’m dying to share these with my family!

Kailey S

The croissants and pains au chocolat were absolutely delicious! Everybody loved them. We will for sure order again.

Nicholas B

“Golden brown, flaky, heavenly treat which will blow away the taste buds of even the pickiest eater”

James (11 years old)

The perfect hostess or teacher gift! We gave them to our teachers and they raved about them! They told us these were their favorite treats this year!

Jennifer B

I have to say, her pastries are amazing. I’m only sad that my wife wasn’t around to partake in the goods. I may give serious thought about asking Valerie to put together some Xmas croissants….

Simply the best bakery in Massachusetts! It’s a trip to Paris in a bakery box, absolutely delicious! The first true French croissant I have had outside of France!


I must say that your pastries were Devine!!! A huge hit!!! My visitors have visited France several times during their 4 years stint in Switzerland. They all agreed that your croissants were the BEST! My family says that we will definitely be ordering from you again.


Out of this world Valerie! The best of the best…. UNBEATABLE and perfect as they can be. Should we dare to conclude that we found Authentic Paris croissants in Needham!


I am at work right now having a Nespresso and craving a pain au chocolate!!! I can still smell it in my mind!! Last night everything was lovely and delicious. cannot wait for more pain au chocolate!!!!!!


That other thing they brought with chocolate and a hint of lemon was out of this world!


The event went really, really well – everyone really loved your viennoiseries and the fougasse! One of the teachers said the exact same thing that I said when I first tried your croissants, which is that they taste just like they do in France. It’s very noticeable! your treats fit the occasion perfectly.

Sarah K

Thank you again for the wonderful French treats. My family and guests devoured them! Look forward to many more experiences.


Thank you, Valerie!
Everything was absolutely delicious. I don’t have any suggestions for improvement. The croissants were buttery and flakey, pains au chocolat were perfect. I’ve never had fougasse, so I can’t comment on the authenticity, but they were beautiful with a slightly salty flavor.
My only suggestion is to open a store so that we can buy delectable French pastries without advance planning. Mille mercis!


Once you enjoy a croissant from Valerie, you will never eat one from anyone else. They are perfect! You can taste each layer of butter and flaky pastry—they are delicious!

Chris B

A Saturday morning staple in our house. The croissants are incredible! And my children’s favorite cookies!


These are incredible. I’ve been searching for the last few months for somewhere to buy a real croissant. How can I get these again?