About Le Petit Four

Meet Valerie

I am a French artisan and self-trained baker. Growing up in France I always loved the luring smell, flavor and texture of an authentic and delicious croissant! Flaky on the outside, tender on the inside with a mouthwatering, buttery finish. Can you picture sinking your teeth into such perfection?
When working in the kitchen and shaping dough for these creations I feel such serenity! This sense of belonging is likely a feeling of heritage and tradition that I get from my family. I recently discovered that I have two generations of artisan bakers in my family lineage that were from Ischia, Italy! Twist of fate?
After graduating with a double master degree in accountancy and organizational management, I have enjoyed 15 years of a successful career. I spent time with audit firms and Technology Companies as well as held an Executive Director position for a Senior Care Federation. After all these years working in what is often referred as a ‘respectable industry,’ I was then ready to chase my true passion and fulfill my life using my full potential to build my own business.
When I moved to United States four years ago, I knew it was the right moment and country to embrace change and push my boundaries when it comes to new adventures. Bring the French Boulangerie to ‘chez vous’, your home, with authentic creations warm from the oven! So was born, Le Petit Four, the Little Oven.
I am extremely excited to share these french viennoiseries and breads with you all. Each creation combines flavor with texture and elegance. It is my hope and goal to inspire and touch every person through my products, my passion as well as my culture.


Provide consistent high quality and authentic 100% homemade products just around the corner! Bring the French boulangerie to “Chez Vous”!

My know how

To complete my self-learning skills, I attended the ‘French Breakfast Pastries workshops at the French Pastry School in Chicago with Chef Joel Reno. I learned so much about temperature, time and texture. As chef Joel Reno said: it is all about “cold” and “relax”!

My croissant dough is made with basic but high-quality ingredients: water, flour, yeast, salt, Plugrá European butter and a whole lot of patience! My viennoiseries are all hand rolled and baked with artisanal method!

When the dough is ready, a slow kneading and long cold overnight fermentation process begins. The next day, after making three turns- layers of butter and dough- and at least two hours of proofing to allow the final rise of shaped dough, I can start baking.

At ‘Le petit Four’ I use the best ingredients, technique and care to provide this incredible breakfast pastries that everybody loves! And the same attention to detail is given to my baked goods and breads. These tasty treats are something you will never want to miss out on!

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